Charlesworth Gateway


Content management and data analytics in one powerful platform

Discover Charlesworth Gateway, a powerful author communications platform that seamlessly connects your manuscript submission system or platform to global messaging apps. Gateway provides publishers with the ability to send instant notifications to authors, keeping them informed at every stage of the submission-to-publication process.

Gateway offers an enhanced, localised author experience by facilitating fast communication between editors and their authors/reviewers directly to their mobile devices, creating a continuous two-way conversation. This reduces the volume of author queries. Gateway’s dual-language capability empowers publishers to engage with authors in their preferred language, helping to establish and grow author communities in specific regions. Furthermore, Gateway seamlessly integrates with Aires Editorial Manager as a plug-in publisher service.

Gateway was awarded the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing 2022, celebrating the impact that Gateway has on global STM publishers and authors in China.

The Features and Benefits of WeChat and Gateway Integration
for Publishers and Authors

Mini Program


  • An enriched multimedia app providing one place for a host of features.
  • QR codes provide easy access to your mini program and WeChat account.
  • Messaging and user behaviour analytics.


  • Provide multiple interactive services to your authors.
  • Fully integrate your production system to send notifications to your authors.
  • Easily extend to host multiple features.

Persona Tagging


  • Collect follower data and create personas using auto-tagging.
  • Tag followers based on keywords, images, URL clicks and chat responses.
  • Create segmented marketing notifications by persona profile.


  • Collect data to inform and optimise your content strategy.
  • Increase followers and enhance engagement via segmented marketing.
  • Increased follower engagement.

Publication Post Creator


  • Authors create visually appealing publication posts for WeChat Moments.
  • Post templates with publishers' branding.
  • QR codes on posts simplify access to referral links.
  • Poster data auto-populates via direct manuscript submission system integration.


  • Assist authors in celebrating and sharing their publication success.
  • Journal-branded templates help promote both your publisher and journal brand.
  • QR code referral links enhance publisher and journal page visibility.

Analytics Dashboard


  • Content engagement and follower behaviour analytics.
  • Extended WeChat analytics.
  • Comprehensive messaging statistics for deeper insights and analysis.
  • Robust content management tools for efficient organisation and control.


  • Inform your China market strategy and improve ROI with enhanced analytics.
  • Manage your WeChat menu items and content within the tools.
  • 24/7 dashboard – dual language English & Chinese.

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